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Can You Relieve Back Pain Without Drugs? PDF  | Print |  E-mail
When you have a backache, there's only one thing that matters: finding relief, fast.

There are all kinds of back pain, from annoying aches to excruciating agony.  The simplest motion, from tying your shoes to turning over in bed, becomes a very big deal.   There are many reasons that back pain can occur.  Muscle injuries, torn ligaments and damaged discs can happen at any time.  Other complications can be responsible for causing back pain, such as pinched nerves, swelling due to infection, spinal arthritis, bone-thinning osteoporosis, spinal scoliosis and rare back tumors.  In some cases, the level of vulnerability is factored genetically, making the spine or back more prone to stress.

While there are many causes of back pain, there are also a number of ways to find back pain relief.  Here are some drug-free treatments that you can try:

Change the Temperature

Many people find back pain relief by utilizing hot and cold compresses.  While there is no scientific proof to support the viability of this method, it has been tested as a means of providing greater mobility for some individuals. Following a trauma or injury to the back, patients may apply a bag of ice wrapped in towel to the tender area for up to 20 minutes each day. After two to three days, a heat pad should then be applied for brief periods to relax muscles and escalate blood flow.

Stay Active

In 1996, a Finnish study revealed that patients who stay active enjoy greater muscle flexibility than those who rested for one week. Further reports suggested that using bed rest as a treatment for back pain could result in secondary complications such as psychological depression, decreased muscle tone and blood clots in the legs.  If you choose to rest your back, do so in the evening, lying on your side with a pillow placed between your knees.

Stay Strong

It's important for people with skeletal irregularities to build and maintain the strength of their muscles.  This can be the most effective way to quicken the effects of back pain medications.  If you suffer from this type of ailment and are looking for ways to stay strong through callisthenic exercise, ask your doctor for a list of suggested activities.  He or she will advise you to stay active by walking, swimming or taking part in a number of other activities.  Specially designed movement therapies are also helpful in developing proper posture and staying strong.

Pins and Needles

Acupuncture is a treatment method that involves the insertion of needles into the back.  The needles are very fine, about the size of human hairs, and are inserted at precise points.  Experts believe that this type of therapy triggers the release of naturally occurring painkilling elements called peptides. It also helps to regulate the body's flow of energy.

There are many options when it comes to relieving back pain, including natural methods, therapeutic devices and pharmaceuticals.  Drugs are available to reduce inflammation, restore proper function and prevent the recurrence of injury.  Even in the absence of residual function loss, most patients fully recuperate.  However, if you do not notice a reduction of pain after 72 hours of self-care, be sure to see your doctor for professional advice.
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