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Myths about Cellulite PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Image Cellulite is not a genuine medical affliction. Cellulite is a non-medical term that describes the puckering and bumpy appearance of skin caused by underlying fat cells trapped beneath connective tissue. Therefore, cellulite is not medically harmful and it does not cause any known health problems.

Cellulite is not merely a problem for the obese. In fact, thin people may notice their cellulite more. Their lack of body fat will make their existing cellulite far more apparent. Dieting does not cure cellulite. In some situations, it appears to make the problem worse.

In a society where looks are valued above personality and contribution, cellulite is considered condition that decreases the value of those that have it. The same goes for any condition affecting an individual's appearance, such as visible birthmarks, freckles, acne or burn scars. This can result in enormous emotional and mental suffering for anyone who has a significant cellulite problem.

There is not a great deal that can be done to prevent cellulite. While aerobic exercise and weight-training help to keep the muscles toned, the biggest benefit of exercise results from the increased circulation that carries more oxygen to affected areas. This allows the fat to be metabolised into useful energy. This increased circulation will also assist in carrying away the toxins that are by-products of energy production, preventing them from getting stuck beneath the connective tissue.

Nutrition affects just about every body condition and cellulite is no exception. In fact, with regard to cellulite, it is important to enjoy a diet that is rich in water and good quality nutrients. Proper nutrition will not cure your cellulite problem but it will help to prevent it from worsening. While diet and exercise may not directly remove cellulite, careful attention to both activities can lead to an increase in self-esteem. Those who value themselves and the contribution they make to their families, friends and community are much less likely to be overly-concerned with their cellulite.

Many of the products on the market claiming to combat cellulite have no real scientific studies backing their claims. There are a lot of individual circumstances and sensitivities to be taken into consideration and while one product may offer results for one individual it be unsuccessful for another. Thorough scientific testing has not been carried out because it is both expensive and time-consuming. Additionally, the cynical claim that some manufacturers resist such testing as they fear the results. As there is no single cause of or cure for cellulite, it very difficult to treat. A lot depends on an individual's rate of metabolism and their body type.

Anyone seeking a cellulite treatment should seek more evidence than is promised by manufacturers on a product label. There is no medical necessity for to treating cellulite, only an aesthetic desire. While cellulite's appearance may be reduced, it is unlikely that the condition can be entirely eradicated.
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